Weekend Recap

{new desk set-up}

{Pizza Bocca Lupo- Marinera pizza with arugala added. San Pedro Square Market is a gem, thank you Caroline for telling me about this place!}

{watermelon-strawberry agua fresca}

{amazing garlic fries}

{J.Crew Factory chainlink braclet and Poshlocket arrow cuffs}

{these bloomed so beautifully!}

{Lola’s new haircut is growing out (thankfully) and she showed it off for Sunday brunch}

{brunch and the farmer’s market in downtown Campbell}

Mike and I had one of the most perfect relaxing weekends! The weather was beautiful, we enjoyed delicious food, met up with friends for drinks (and to pick up our trophy for soccer social league champs), and spent yesterday morning in downtown Campbell for brunch and the farmer’s market. I’d say it was a pretty great couple of days.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend. Thank you to those who submitted pieces for the Closet Staples 3 Ways series. I can’t wait to style them =)