Weekend Recap

{made the decision and pulled the trigger on the Saint James for J.Crew stripe tee}

{these gold scissors are everything! only $10 on Amazon!}

{staying cool with a bowl of fruit //  best chocolate bar on the planet!}

{denim espadrilles}

{my summer white obsession continues with this stunning Mango embroidered maxi dress}

{desk diaries… gf waffles with peanut butter and organic maple syrup and hot lemon water}

{threw together this gf garlicky lemon broccolini pasta}

{another pair of jeans turned into shorts // Mike’s new chambray vans, I’m obsessed!}

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Our little Lola got spayed last Tuesday, so we’ve been in recovery mode meaning a lot of rest and relaxation. The poor thing was recovery really slowly, but she seems to be back to her normal self. The no plans/ can’t go anywhere weekend wasn’t really a problem as the weather was scorching… I so didn’t mind the movie-filled-ac-blasting last couple of days!

I was also busy doing a little summer closet clean out. Be sure to check out the new items here!

Cheers to a great week, friends!