Weekend Recap

{itty bitty tacos from Tacobar}

{perfect way to start of the Memorial Day weekend}

{crazy weather Friday night…}

{beautiful begonia at the farmers market}

{the bf’s chocolate mess at Yoppi on Filmore}

{outside dining at Delarosa with family}

{finally cleared up Sunday and Monday}

Good morning, happy Tuesday! How was everyone’s Memorial Day weekend? Are you all recuperated? I spent the last 3 days packing, catching up on DVR’d Oprah, sipping sangria, and eating yummy meals. I was also able to catch up on sleep if you’d even like to call it that; 7:30am instead of just before 6am, riiiiight!

Although no beach and bbqs for me, I had a much-needed productive yet relaxing weekend…. Hope you all have a wonderful short week ahead!