Weekend Recap

As most of you know, sf experienced Fleet Week last week; wow, are those jets loud! We reside on the 4th floor of 6, so let’s just say,we heard them loud and clear… zooming across our bedroom window.  Aside from watching the fleets dock and sailors walk the streets, we had AMAZING weather! I can’t say it enough, but I love this city.

Although there were a handful of fun events going on, we didn’t participate in any of them, ha… Well, we made it to the farmers market but I wouldn’t count that. I’m still getting used to the super busy work week with only 2 days to schedule all my errands, workouts, bf time, and personal R&R. Its been tough to plan anything but the grocery shopping and laundry. But I will say, it was a complete tourist weekend, leaving Trader Joe’s completely packed, nowhere to park, and anything and everything to do with leaving the apt. an ordeal. So, I’m kinda glad we took it easy…

Game plan looked a little like this :

  • Friday night for cocktails, sushi, and the Giants game: Suduchi Sushi
  • Saturday morning started with: 4 mile run
  • Had brunch with the bf for amazing healthiness: The Plant Café Organic
  • Capped the  night off watching: The Social Network
  • Sunday morning had a fabulous hour long workout: Gym
  • To collect the most amazing veggies and fruit: Fort Mason Farmers Market
  • Caught up on Grey’s, Oprah, and some other ridiculous reality tv: thank you DVR
  • And lots of Sports, Go Giants!

Here’s to another fabulous week!