Weekend Recap

{babysitting this little girl}

{cute decor at Tortilla Heights}

{Sunday bagels in the neighborhood}

{farmers market delights!}

{the pretty GGB}

{the agua fresca at Taco Bar is to die for!}

{… yes, we eat Mexican food A LOT}

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? I think I’m still recovering from the US Women’s soccer game, really one of the best games I’ve seen… Congratulations to the country of Japan!

Friday night the bf and I spent date night at Tortilla Heights where we enjoyed some alcoholic beverages and yummy food. The veggie tacos here are AMAZING! With the mr. gone for the rest of the weekend, I enjoyed catching up on DVR, working out, making bracelets, and an early morning farmers market run.  I must say, a productive weekend =)

Glad to finally wake up to sunshine this am.  Hope you all have a fabulous week!