Weekend Recap

Good morning loves! This past weekend I was finally able to leave the apt. after semi recovering from a nasty allergic reaction I developed on Wednesday (reason for not posting since then). I still don’t know what caused it, so eating has been a challenge, but I do have an appointment with a food allergist on Tuesday. I think I learned a life lesson in the last week- never take your healthy, functioning body for granted. Treat it well, like all living things, it can go at any time. Boyfriend, thank you so much for all that you do! I’m a lucky girl.

In hopes to boost my spirits, the bf took me out for yummy treats- vegan mocha from Blue Bottle, sorbet from my new favorite Whole Foods (in Potrero Hill), and a stroll through Hayes Valley. Thanks to a very rested weekend, I’m almost 100% and ready to tackle the week!
Hope you all had a great weekend!
A side note- Not sure I’ll be getting to the ITCWC Gift Guide’s this year =( … work has been busy.