Weekend Recap

{weekend cravings…}

{mixing two necklaces… will be featured in an outfit post soon}

{Victoria’s beautiful St. Patty’s Day spread}

{cute drink cards}

{Irish car bombs being poured}

{Victoria’s home is beautiful!}

{yummy bites from Tacko}

This past weekend was spent mostly working and finishing up a couple projects. But, the bf and I did make it to Victoria’s fabulous St. Patrick’s Day party Saturday night. As seen from pics above, there were plenty of drinks, yummy appetizers, and cute details… did I mention there was a lot of booze? Yes, I suffered for most of the day yesterday, but nothing a little Mexican food couldn’t fix. I will say, a day full of boozing can leave Monday feeling a bit more dreadful.

In better more postive news, we’re entering in the first week of Spring! Cannot wait for warmer weather and sunshine =) Hope you all had a wonderful weekend/St. Patrick’s Day!