Weekend Recap

{the silent streets of the city, aka Sunday mornings}

{breakfast potatoes from Whole Foods… sometimes you gotta treat yourself}

{one of my favorite summer time fruits}

{always feels so good to be back at the farmer’s market}

{tacos and agua fresca, my kinda take-out}

{latest find: the perfect collar necklace!}

With the boy out of the apartment over the weekend (gone camping) I was able to tackle a bunch of errands and spend some quality time on me. Every now and then I like to take time away to focus on what I need or what I love to do. It helps me regroup and most often times I feel so much more rested and refocused. Does anyone else do this? A weekend spent at the farmer’s market, working out, taking naps, shopping, and ordering take-out- sounds perfect to me!

How was your weekend?