Weekend Recap

{my last couple photos from the city…}

{birthday festivities… excuse the gross background in the picture on the left. It was raining, so our only option was pics in the hotel.}

{Thanksgiving in the Oakland hills}

{so thankful for him… p.s. he’s a pro mover and unpacker… this should be his second job =)}

{gluten free tomato basil from Willow Street}

Hi! It feels so good to be back to my regular scheduled posts (holidays always throw me off a bit). How was your Thanksgiving? Between the move, Thanksgiving, my birthday, friends, Ikea, and our new lost coach, this past week has been such a blur. I mean I know moving is stressful, but holy cow! The great news is, we love the new place and my office is coming along wonderfully. Mike and I still can’t believe we’re here… I think we’ve said it to each other about 10 times. We’re also embracing all the open parking spaces and ease of doing things. Let’s just say, I’ve been to Target one too many times.

I promise to share pics once our place is a little more done. I have a couple DIY projects to share too!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!