Weekend Recap

{Switching things up… stripes, leopard, can’t go wrong!}

{Gf pasta with a ton of veggies}

{New notebooks from Home Goods}

{Had bread over the weekend… repercussions haven’t been too bad, yet}

{Mio Vicino might have the best bruschetta (pine nuts, sun dried tomatoes, gloves of garlic, so good!)}

{This guy got spray painted gold. After shot to come}

{Gf vegan chocolate chip  cookies}

{Re-organized our coffee table tray}

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Mike and I dedicated Saturday to the apartment. We spent some time at Home Goods and stumbled upon an amazing mirror sale, some unique gold accents, and some other items to spray paint gold. Okay, I’m having a gold moment, so sue me =). I also started on a new DIY canvas… I’m free handing it this time, so I hope it turns out. It’s either the beginning or the end of my painting career.

Another little highlight from our weekend, dinner at Mio Vicino. It’s a Santa Clara gem. Amazing pasta dishes to choose from and to-die-for bruschetta. If you’re in the area, it’s definitely a place to try!