Weekend Recap

Happy Monday, it’s finally a sunny morning! How was your weekend? We’re currently on our staycation and have enjoyed catching up on sleep, the seclusion (being able to laugh really loud without being told sssshhhhh or worrying about neighbors), watching shows 3 hours earlier on dish network, and just the large space to sprawl out all my clutter. Sometimes staying close to home, but in a new environment is just what you need ♥.


p.s. sunshine is in our future folks. A high of 72 degrees on Thursday, I’ll take it. It’s a sign of a great week ahead!


{view from the deck.}

{homemade veggie sandwich and soup.}

{the bf and I are so obsessed with Chilayo.  Healthy yet delicious!}

{Matte green 7 from urban outfitters. need like 3 layers.}

{lovely saturday morning. addicted to all of the above.}

{a kid in a candy store at the plant. mounds of vegan cookies, heaven.}

{ exactly what a staycation looks like.}