Weekend Recap via Instagram

Good morning and happy monday! How was your weekend? Us San Franciscans experienced a massive storm on Friday and Saturday… definitely loud rain and screaming winds, kinda scary up here on the 4th floor. Although it was a don’t-leave-the-apartment kinda couple days, we managed to see Limitless with Bradley Cooper and Abbie Cornish. I thought it was good, suspenseful, and that Mr. Cooper is quite the stud, but according to the bf, this is definitely a renter.

Sunday the weather was 100% better, we tackled the gym and farmers market and then capped off the weekend with dinner at the bf’s parents house. It was the perfect weekend to stay in but I’m not looking forward to the next 5 straight days of rain, spring where are you?

{rainy days from sacramento street}

{farmers market love affair}

{veggie dumplings that were just to die for}

{the sun finally decided to make an appearance}

{visiting the bf’s parentals and playing with this little girl}

{vino + mags + march madness in the background = fabulousness}