Weigh In: Nautical Stripes

J.Crew // Saint James for J.Crew // Chance // T by Alexander Wang // Comme des Garcons // Jack Wills // Splendid // Armor Lux

I’ve been a little striped tee obsessed as of late. Every time I see someone in stripes it’s like I have to have it, even though I could dedicate an entire drawer to them. Yes, I most likely have enough, but for some reason, I can’t stop! Every shirt is a tad different; the color, the stripes, the fit, the cut, the material… you see, I could justify them all.

Recently, I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect classic nautical striped tee in either white/navy or cream/navy. With so many options out there, you’d think my search would be easy. Well, not so much. Initially, I wanted to stay under $30-50. But, I’ve come to the conclusion the perfect navy/cream/white striped tee with the classic cut and right fit DO NOT exist in this price range. Trust me, I’ve acquired a handful of not-so-perfect tee’s in the last month.

Since I haven’t had the best of luck, I decided to start looking in the higher price range. I’ve had my eye on the Saint James for J.Crew tee for a while… but could never justify $90. However, now that I’ve been searching for quite some time, maybe it’s worth it. Classic, perfect color, and I know I’ll wear it a ton. What do you think? Would you make the investment?