Workout Update

{via: thingsorganizedneatly}


  • weekly yoga classes
  • lots of strength and endurance exercises (power and speed exercises will be incorporated later). For strength think slowing down and flexing your whole body throughout the whole rep and for endurance think normal/rhythmic pace and snapping or pushing out at the end of the rep.
  • soccer starts in the next couple of weeks
  • still trying to get to the lap pool
  • went on a 17-22 mile bike ride
  • working on my tennis game… hoping to start doubles soon.

What am I eating? I haven’t really made any huge changes – still eating vegan and real foods.

Weekly Staples:

  • lots of brown rice and veggies
  • tacos- black beans, veggies, guacamole
  • sautéed broccolini (garlic, olive oil, red peppers, salt, pepper)
  • trying to pack in as much fruit as possible… it’s a huge staple during the summer when everything is readily available, but tougher for me during the winter months.


  • apples and peanut butter
  • pumpkin seeds/nuts
  • dried fruit bars (unsweetened)
  • Nature’s Path Organic Peanut Choco granola bars
  • baked chips or corn chips
  • vegan cookies from Whole Foods or Peete’s Coffee (once a week)

Overall, I feel great. My flexibility and balance has improved tremendously, my legs are gaining strength (they feel so much better when I run), and my core is  getting stronger! I will post a picture at week 6, stay tuned =) p.s. having a workout partner makes a huge difference.

Yay, it’s Thursday  ♥