Weekend Recap

{the trees are so pretty right now!}

{on a mirrored sunglasses binge // ootd: Aritzia faux leather leggings, plaid flannel, and tee, Gap denim jacket}

{this face!}

{can’t get enough sneakers. these are from Urban Outfitters}

{latest ebay find: J.Crew everly pumps}

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? I spent most of mine working, but was able to sneak in dinner, some shopping, a SOA marathon, and a couple long walks with Lola. How pretty is all the foliage and trees?! It’s so funny how when you’re younger (as in even just a year ago) you don’t notice or realize some of the most simplest, beautiful things around you. It’s like I’ve never seen the trees change color or something, haha. Can it stay November forever…?

Quick question for you. I’m in the process of organizing this year’s holiday gift guides and wanted to know if there’s a specific theme you want to see me cover? Is there a specific person you find the toughest to shop for and need help? I want these to be useful for you, so feel free to leave your ideas in the comments.

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  • I find it’s hard to holiday shop for “in laws.” I’d love to see recommendations for a partner’s parents – something isn’t too generic but still personal for someone you may not know as intimately as your own parents.

  • I love the shots of your weekend Crystalin… those Everlys were the best eBay score! I’m in the middle of gift guide madness as well and can’t wait to see what you come up with for yours. I always find the guys hardest to shop for!

    Chelsea & The City

  • My dad is the absolute most difficult person to shop for – he is the man who needs nothing, and he could care less if I bought him anything with a label on it (clothes especially). Any ideas would be SO great, especially things that break the norm.

  • I second Christine P’s recommendation. My dad doesn’t care about stuff really, but I still try and get him something thoughtful to show him how much I appreciate him. Ideas for dads that aren’t super stylish or interested in stuff would be great! Also ideas for events or classes or experiences would be great. Sometime the pressure to buy things gets to be a lot. It’d be nice to have ideas to gift people experiences, especially shared experiences. Just an idea!

  • I like buying gifts that give back. I’d like a gift guide where all the products have some of their proceeds go to a good cause.

  • I am so shocked at your sneaker collection. I didn’t know you wore them a lot. I don’t feel like I see them a lot on the blog. I would love to see how to waer those sneakers. I especially love those cheetah print ones and the black, red and white Addidas. I came so close to buying some snakeskin print lowtops last week, but just didn’t have the guts. Please show me how you wear yours!

    • Those are all from Urban Outfitters. I actually don’t own any sneakers (besides my workout shoes) yet, but I do have my eye on some Adidas ones. When I get them, I will definitely wear them on the blog :)