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    Wardrobe Updates: Workout Wear + Athleisure Favorites

    This time of year I really embrace my love of athleisure. Not necessarily because I’m working out more (although I know it’s a popular New Year’s Resolution for some), but because we’re at a point in the year in Oregon where you’re tired of the dark days, rain, and cold. There’s little to no motivation

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    2021 Bestsellers

    I’m excited to share 2021 best sellers with you! Not only does this help me know what you’re gravitating toward (and what I should share more of), but I also like to compare it to what ended up being my favorite purchases of the year, too. And for those of you who missed out, many

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    Meet Camden James + His Birth Story

    Camden has officially been earthside for almost a month and half and we couldn’t be more in love with him. He’s come into the family so seamlessly and while I can’t believe I now have “kids” it all feels very natural and meant to be. The experience you bring to your second child is absolutely