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    35 Ways to Style Converse High Top Sneakers

    I’m excited to bring back these style roundup posts on topics that are directly related to what you all want to see! After asking for your input, it was clear that Converse high-top sneakers had to be the first! Fortunately, I have a lot of outfits to pull from because these sneakers work so well

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    December Bestsellers

    Hope you all are enjoying a nice holiday season! Since the week between Christmas and the New Year lends itself to organizing, reassessing, relaxing and snagging some great end-of-season sales, I thought I’d round up this month’s top sellers. From comfortable and chic footwear to great-fitting denim and pants, so many of them are fall/winter

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    Nordstrom December Favorites + Purchases

    I know we’re all finishing up our holiday shopping, but have you been slowly getting your winter wardrobes ready? I know many of you have been asking for winter boots and outerwear options, and I’m excited to share a few things I picked up from Nordstrom. I recently stocked up on a handful of fall/winter