2 Pieces You Need To Elevate Your Summer Style

Zara eyelet topZara eyelet top (sold out, love this one) // One Teaspoon Dusty Bandit shorts // Sam Edelman Gigi sandals // Rib & Hull Heirloom tote // Ray-Ban Original aviators 58mm

eyelet embroidered top

One Teaspoon Dusty bandit shorts

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Eyelet top

rib and hull heirloom tote

Sam Edelman gigi sandals cognac

One Teaspoon bandit shorts

Ray-ban original aviatorsPhotos by Natalie Dressed

This summer I’ve been all about white easy-breezy tops with some type of lace, eyelet, or embroidered detail and denim shorts. Both go hand in hand with summer, but two pieces in particular have been on repeat, this Zara eyelet top and these One Teaspoon Bandit shorts. I’m going to go out on a limb and say, to achieve that effortless summer style you want, you need a variation of the two in your closet. Well, you don’t NEED to, but you’re going to want to. There’s something so fresh about white eyelet detailing and this particular print is absolutely gorgeous. Sadly, this top has sold out, but I’ve done some research and found some really great options below.

S H O P  E Y E L E T  T O P S


One Teaspoon Bandit shorts have been all the rage for a couple of years now. This isn’t groundbreaking news over here, but, I finally bit the bullet and I’m obsessed! I was initially hesitant because of the short length and due to all the mixed reviews about sizing. Well, I’m happy to report, I’m wearing a size 24 (my normal size) and I love the fit. They’re roomy, but I like that with shorts, especially when they’re short. The whole longer in the front and back and shorter on the sides thing really helps to elongate your legs. It was hard for me to get used to the randomly folded/ not even cuffs in the beginning, but they add to the whole distressed not-caring vibes of the shorts, so it works.

S H O P  O N E  T E A S P O O N  B A N D I T  S H O R T S


I’ve been loving my Bandits in the Dusty wash so much, I just ordered the Hendrix. The Hendrix was actually a color from last year, which they hadn’t restocked until just a few days ago. I’ve been frantically trying to find that color, so when I saw them on Shopbop yesterday, I immediately snagged them (doing my happy dance). Also, when I thought my size was sold out everywhere (the Bandits tend to sell out), I stumbled upon Abercrombie & Fitch. Apparently, A&F partners with similar brands to sell their products on the site. I’m assuming this is fairly unknown because there’s a whole page of One Teaspoon Bandit shorts in all sizes. If you’ve struggled with finding your size in your favorite wash, be sure to check out the site.