2016 Year In Review




Crystalin Marie house




2016 was all about finding our new normal in Oregon. We took a huge leap of faith at the beginning of the year to follow our dreams. We packed up our apartment in the Bay Area, moved to Oregon, and both Mike and I began the journey to grow Crystalin Marie together. We had no idea how things would work out or how working together would impact our relationship, but we did know what we wanted for our future and that this new change would help get us there. It hasn’t been the most glamorous year or the easiest, but I’ve definitely learned a ton, both personally and professionally. Learning how to navigate a new city, work with your spouse, take on another dog, balance work and life, all while trying to grow a business is no easy task. But I will say, sitting down to write this post has really allowed me to reflect and appreciate this very pivotal and special year. Crystalin Marie has had it’s best year yet, Mike and I’s relationship is stronger than ever, I got my dream closet, we spent a ton of time with family, and Lola is happier than ever with her new bud, Riley. All in all, I would say 2016 was a success!

While 2016 was awesome, we have a feeling 2017 will be one for the books. We’re looking forward to traveling, getting back to the gym, finding more work/life balance, exploring our city, spending more time with family, and growing Crystalin Marie (more on this next week).

THANK YOU for all the love you’ve shown us this year. We’re forever grateful for your support and we most definitely couldn’t do it without you. We’re excited to see where the new year takes us and can’t wait to share it all with you.

Happy New Year, friends!