4th of July Festivities

Hope everyone enjoyed their 3 day weekend ♥ I happened to have a memorable, sunny, San Francisco 4th of July. The weather Saturday was flawless- layed out and got my tan on; Sunday- we headed to Ocean Beach, however, the fog rolled in and was definetely not leaving. So, instead of bumming it on the sand, we headed to Fort Mason Park… and let’s just say, it did not disappoint; sunshine, games, friends, food, and drinks… lots of drinks! BTW, I made the BEST Sangria ever… stay tuned for my special recipe.

{Playing a little game of Chuck-O}

In this City filled with great bars, clubs, shopping, restaurants, dancing, nothing really compares to this whole park scene. I’ll have to say, it’s pretty unique, kinda adds character… I’m all about it, yup! I love the friendliness of it all, the childish games, few rules, freedom, youthful, lots of shenanigans…  it’s a great way to spend these beautiful, sunny days here in the greatest city (did I just say that?). I’m definitely fond of this whole bit and will be participating in this fun-in-the-sun scene more often- had a blast!

Some SF Park Rules to Live By:

  1. Apply and reapply sun screen no matter what; cold, windy, freezing, cloudy. You will burn!
  2. Don’t forget all of your recess equipment- footballs, soccer ball, frisbees, and or baseball and glove.
  3. Do play Chuck-O and Slosh Ball.
  4. If you spend 8 hours in the sun drinking alcoholic beverages, make sure you eat.
  5. Make friends with other groups and ask to join their games.

A special thanks to everyone who made it out ♥