5 Reasons to Stock Up on Neutrals

azalea sf trench coatBanana Republic tee // Azalea trench // Target shorts (old, similar) // Sam Edelman Gigi sandals // Rib & Hull tote // Ray-Ban original aviators 58mm // Bianca Pratt initial necklace c/o // Daniel Wellington watch

rib and hull heirloom tote

Bianca Pratt initial necklace

sam edelman gig sandals

Azalea drape front trench coat


drape front trench coat

Banana Republic gray teePhotos by Natalie Dressed

Neutrals are the reason I love fashion (nope, not because Chanel or a specific brand). It’s crazy to say, but it’s so true. When I see neutrals paired together for an uber chic outfit regardless of who the person is wearing, it makes me feel insanely happy inside. It’s a giddy feeling you can’t really describe. In that moment all is right in the world and this wave of optimism and joy come over you. Do I sound crazy yet?

You all know how much I love my neutrals, so today I’m sharing 5 good reasons why you should stock up on them.

1. You’ll never have that “I have nothing to wear feeling.”

With neutrals (and some classic pieces) you always have a good outfit on hand. I think I’ve said I had nothing to wear once in the 2-3 years. Crazy, right? When your closet color spectrum includes everything in the tones and shades of white, black, denim and tan, it’s hard not to find something.

2. Your day outfits transition to night really easily.

I did away with the whole idea of buying pieces for ‘going out’ years ago. I used to think I needed a whole separate wardrobe once 5:00pm hit. WRONG. Neutrals can transition to night with just a few changes. Add a leather jacket to your jeans and tee or add black to the mix. Just a swap of an accessory can do wonders.

3. You’ll more than likely always look chic.

Neutrals will do that to you. Haven’t you seen those all black or white outfits? So friggin chic! Honestly, you can do so many chic combinations with neutrals, it’s not even funny. Black, white, tan | white, gray, navy | white, gray, blush | white and beige | white with denim | denim on denim. I could go on forever.

4. You’ll build a lasting and versatile wardrobe.

When you buy classic neutrals you love, you end up wearing them for years. I have so many pieces in my closet that entered for good reason and have been sitting toward the front of my closet ever since. Think denim, coats, blazers, sweaters, shoes… I can go on and on. When you buy something for the right reasons (so Bachelor, ha!), they end up staying in your closet for years. Classic and neutral, you can’t go wrong.

5. You can wear the same pieces often without looking like it.

Haha, this one is funny. I say this, but all my haters say I wear the same thing all the time, so apparently, this may not be true. In all seriousness, neutrals are the key to having a versatile wardrobe and getting your monies worth when it comes to clothes. When you have a closet full of colors, prints, trends, or funky silhouettes, it’s hard to pull them off all the time, especially in this blogging world we live in. But with classic neutrals, it’s less noticeable and they can easily be worn many different ways. Take for instance, this outfit. I’ve worn every single one of these pieces to death. Probably too much. But, this was the first time I wore them all together. See how that works? When a new piece comes into the weekly rotation, I know we’re going to have some great years together.

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