5 Steps to Finding the Perfect Stripe Top

J.Crew Factory stripe sweater, Ecote jacket (old, similar), One Teaspoon shorts, J.Crew tote (old, similar), Zara flats (old, similar), Ray-Ban original aviators, Tory Burch watch

J.Crew Factory striped sweater     Classic striped sweater

J.Crew striped sweater


J.Crew uptown tote     One Teaspoon white bandit shorts

J.Crew nude uptown tote

Ecote utility jacket     Portland style blog

Tory Burch tan watch

I have struggled to find the perfect striped sweater/pullover for a while now. It’s so weird how there’s so many striped options out there, yet nothing ever seems to be the perfect one. I said it before and I’ll say it again, not all stripes are created equal. You can have an entire wardrobe dedicated to stripes, but you feel differently about every single one of them. Does anyone else feel this way? This sweater from J.Crew Factory is close to perfection. It’s not the softest sweater in the entire world, but I love the stripe to sweater ratio and the color combo is perfect. It also fits well which is always important. For reference, I’m wearing an xs regular (which is a size up from what I normally wear). Since stripes are such a big part of my life and this blog, today I’m sharing my 5 step guide to finding the perfect stripe top.

5 Steps to Finding the Perfect Stripe Top

  1. Check out the stripe size/ratio – This is the first thing I look to when picking out a stripe tee or sweater. Stripes can be thin or thick and the stripe to shirt ratio can be all over the board. Thicker stripes tend to be more playful, while a skinnier stripe can be dressed up or worked into business wear.
  2. Look at the color – Color plays a huge role. We all have our preferences. I know I I’m super anal about the color blue. Has to be the perfect navy. Navy and white/cream and black and white/cream seem to dominate my wardrobe. The most versatile and chic colors in my opinion.
  3. Pay attention to the collar  – I’m a huge collar person in general, but when it comes to my stripe tees, I’m neurotic. I like a crew neck tee, with a contrast collar, meaning the collar is in a solid collar (most likely the darker color). I like the collars to be as high and tight as possible. Haha, I’m crazy I know. But, pay attention to this, it makes all the difference.
  4. Try it on – See how it sits on your body and the way it moves. Not all tees are created equal, so just because one fits well doesn’t mean the other will. Feel me? Fit will determine whether or not it sits in your closet or you’re reaching for it every other day.
  5. Do you prefer long or short – Sleeve length can determine the vibe of your outfit. I’ve noticed myself gravitating toward long sleeves lately. They seem to be more versatile (as if stripes aren’t versatile already) and a little more sophisticated. You can’t beat a long sleeve stripe top with shorts or a mini skirt. So chic!

So there you have it. If I’ve inspired you to shop stripe tops, I’m sharing my favorites below.