Alderbrook Resort & Spa

Last week we had the pleasure of driving out to Union, Washington to spend a few nights at Alderbrook Resort & Spa. The resort is SW of Seattle and just short of 3 hours from Portland. It was a nice little getaway for Mike and I and the perfect excuse to finally find our pups a dog sitter.

Crystalin Marie x Alderbrook Resort

Alderbrook outdoor fire pit
Alderbrook Resort Pool and Spa

Alderbrook Resort grounds

Alderbrook resort Union Washington
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Alderbrook Resort and Spa

alderbrook room view on sunny day
Alderbrook indoor pool

Crystalin Marie at Alderbrook

Alderbrook canal dock
Alderbrook resort dock

Hood Canal at Alderbrook resort

boats at alderbrook resort
Claims on dock

hood canal low tide

What to wear on a boat

Hood Canal

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Pleiades olympia washington boat

First and foremost, the grounds are gorgeous. The resort has very rustic vibe and sits right on the water. I can imagine the waterfront lawn packed with sunbathers once the peak of summer hits. We came in the middle of the week, so it felt like we had the entire resort to ourselves. The restaurant overlooks the Hood Canal, the indoor pool sits right on the edge of the water, and the spa was the perfect place to relax. They also have a ton of water activities for guests (stand up paddle boarding, kayaks, motorized boats, etc.), which I’m sure are a hit in the summer. If you enjoy being around nature and waking up to coffee by the water, this place is the perfect little getaway. Although we didn’t bring our dogs, it is dog-friendly, which is a huge bonus in my opinion!

Be sure to check out the Alderbrook Resort & Spa website to learn more about what their resort has to offer.

S H O P  T H E  P O S T :

Thank you Alderbrook Resort & Spa for a wonderful stay.

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  • Wow. Was really looking forward to the review but find you didn’t elaborate much. Were you not satisfied with the stay? How was customer service? What about the food options? How many are there and did you partake in any? What about the location? Is there shopping nearby or is it in the middle of nowhere? What about activities? We are considering a stay mid week as well but I was afraid there wouldn’t be much scheduled. Was there? Sorry to ask so many questions but when you posted the sneak earlier this week I thought it would be more of a detailed review of your stay.

    • Hi Christina,

      The customer service was fine. There weren’t a ton of people there, so it really felt like we had the place to ourselves. Foods options were very minimal, especially since I’m a vegan. If you love seafood, you should be good to go. No shopping nearby as the resort is very secluded. I know there’s a ton of outdoor activities you can do outside of the resort, but we didn’t do a ton as we were looking for a more relaxing stay. Check out their Activities page for more information. I would definitley recommend staying here once the weather is warm enough to actually sit in the sun or do any of the water activities.

      I hope that helps :)

      • We’re still in the process of getting Riley trained (he’s a bit wild). Lola also gets super car sickness:(. Plus, sometimes we like to do things without our dogs.