.:all time favs:.

A few of my favorites from the past couple of days…

tacolicious; the filmore paloma (too pretty to pass up) on the left and a traditional marg on the right.

breakfast at stacks on hayes. truly the best granola; crunchy, sweet, nutty, with a pinch of cinnamon. no milk, no yogurt, love it with just strawberries.

romantic dinner at A16 on v-day. not even sure what were drinking, but the bartenders recs were fantastic!

sat at the chef’s bar and dined on the best vegan pizza; pizza sauce, kalamata olives, calabrian peppers, arugula, and drizzled olive and chili oil.  moist and light but so tasty, yum.

♥ him

homemade chocolate covered strawberries for a lovely v-day.

Thanks to the lovebird for a great v-day AND always accommodating to my vegan needs, eating/trying/liking everything homemade, watching all my favorite shows, changing your bed time, allowing my laptop to be my life, taking out the garbage, tagging along as I run into Starbucks one too many times, driving and parallel parking, but most importantly being my biggest fan and taking care of me. i heart you.

Happy Wednesday