At Home With Lola

T by Alexander Wang striped top// Rag & Bone jeans // Urban Outfitters gold lamp // Stay and Co. polka dot pillow (another option) // Crane & Canopy bedding // Ikea striped pillow // B is for Bonnie Design gold foil Comparison of Thief print // Note to Self Tucked print

Photos by Christine Sargologos

As I’m sure you can tell from my Instagram, Lola has absolutely stolen my heart. She’s my best friend, work buddy, baby girl, and the perfect piece to our little family. Seeing as though I work from home and have spent every waking minute with her since we got her, our bond is quite unique. I mean, I know what loving someone else feels like, but loving and caring for an animal is all very new to me. I was quite obsessive, overbearing, and attached to her the first year, but have slowly gotten more mature and realized life doesn’t revolve around a dog (Mike is thankful too).

I say this to everyone we meet, we got incredibly lucky with Lola (westiepoo mix). She’s kind hearted, has never shown her teeth to any dog or human, is incredibly gentle with kids, loves everyone, eats and drinks like a lady, and plays with the best of them. She’s extremely emotional and has such a big personality. And then there’s those eyes (I MEAN)! Lola Anne Marie Da Silva, I cannot imagine our life without you, thank you for showing us unconditional love.

Lola loves neck and behind the ear rubs, pillows of all kind, blankets to snuggle, anything soft, sleeping in in the mornings, sleeping on her back, playtime with her dad at night, prefers big dogs to little, and will give you a ‘dammit’ sneeze when she’s trying to get your attention. She’s pretty cute.