Baubles Under $ 45

From magazines to bloggers, statement jewelry has been all the craze lately. Since I’m trying to add to my collection, I thought I would share some of my favorites that won’t break the bank! At such great steals, I may just need every single bracelet above… And how fun is the fish collar from Topshop, love!
  1. Rhinestone and turquoise satin bracelet
  2. Arrowdrop bracelet
  3. Rhinestone stretch bracelet
  4. Green skinny bangle
  5. Belt buckle bangle
  6. Chain bracelet 
  7. Golden dash bracelet
  8. Chain link bracelet
  9. Fuchsia and silver cuff
  10. Dangle chain necklace
  11. Onyx facet chain 
  12. Cord and cap necklace
  13. Circled linked collar
  14. Faceted geo necklace
  15. Fish collar necklace
  16. Heraldic crest pendant necklace
  17. Feather and rhinestone
  18. Chain fringe necklace