The Best Jackets to Wear Now

I don’t know about you but I love layers even in the summer. I’m that person that always gets cold in restaurants or if I drink anything remotely cold – iced coffee, smoothie, etc. – which means I always have an extra layer in my bag, tied around my waist, or thrown over my shoulders. Mike thinks I’m crazy, but I always laugh, when he ends up freezing at the mall or grocery store. Since I’m all for layers in the summer, I’m sharing my favorite jackets to wear right now. Some may even transition to fall really seamlessly.

Givenchy small antigona satchel
Club Monaco ruffle jacket

Everlane tee S c/o, Club Monaco jacket 00 (sold out), Everlane shorts xs c/o, Everlane Day heel 5 c/o, Givenchy small Antigona satchel, Ray-Ban black aviators 58mm

Everlane basic tee

Cream ruffle jacket club monaco
Everlane day heel in black

Everlane new day heel

Everlane Day heel
Everlane black shorts

S H O P  T H E  P O S T :

I bought this Club Monaco jacket in the spring and haven’t really worn it until recently. I typically don’t allow myself to do this. If I don’t end up wearing something right away, I return it (there’s a reason you’re not grabbing it constantly, especially when it’s new). But in my defense, we had a dreadful spring and it’s slowly made its way to the back of my closet. I’m not normally a cropped jacket kinda girl, but I think they’re more flattering on my frame than I realize. Cropped anything seems unflattering to me, but when you’re petite, cropped can actually work… something I’m slowly learning. Unfortunately, this jacket has sold out, but I am sharing my favorite jackets you can wear now below.

I also want to briefly talk about the Everlane Day heel. These came out a couple months ago and sold out immediately. They recently came back in-stock and I think they’re releasing different colors slowing. Right now the black leather are the only color available to buy now, but natural suede and red will be released Aug 1 and pale pink will be released in November. I love the shape and look of these heels. They’re super casual and comfortable, but still give you height. Keep in mind they run big. I would go a half to a full size down. Everlane always has the best basics and the Day heel does not disappoint!

The Best Jackets to Wear Now