Black Stallion Winery + Cottage

{right outside our cottage}

{communal pool and lounge area}

{beautiful outdoor kitchen}

{outdoor seating and fire pit}

{Gap stripe maxi, Zara glitter sandals, F21 denim jacket}

I was going to share this later on in the week, but why not keep the Napa vacation/weekend vibe going. We could all use some pretty pictures on this dreary Tuesday, right?

A little backstory first. Tina’s parents won an all inclusive wine package from an auction and decided to give it to her for her birthday. Ok cool. We’ll hit up some wineries, drink some wine and chill at a cottage. We had no idea what we were in store for. Apparently, anyone staying in the cottages are treated like royalty. We were greeted with Rosé, taken to a private room to taste wine, given a tour of their beautiful grounds, and then guided to one of two cottages. Each cottage had their own special amenities (you know- pool table, outdoor bocce ball and fire pit, jacuzzi, open wine cellar etc.) and a communal pool and outdoor kitchen to share. Since no one else was on the property, we pretty much felt like kings of the world. The whole catch. The cottages aren’t available to the public and can’t be rented. They’re strictly for the owners of the winery when they come to stay and for special deals like auctions. Talk about a treat! We were all on cloud 9 the entire time… to say it was amazing would be a huge understatement. Take me back!

Now lets all become best friends with the owners of Black Stallion Winery so we can make this a regular weekend thing =)