Café Appliances: Modern Class Collection Review

I owe you a complete rundown of our kitchen renovation (coming soon), but today I want to talk to you about our new kitchen appliances from Café. We are so thankful Café agreed to gift us these appliances – not only do they suit our renovated look so well, but we’re just so happy with the quality and function of it all. We went with the Modern Glass Collection which was inspired by the way light plays on glass and lets you create a kitchen that’s  a total reflection of you. We wanted our kitchen renovation to be simple and clean and the Modern Class Collection really helps bring that to life with it’s sleek and modern design. I’m sharing more about the process of installing and reviewing each item below. 

I didn’t know a whole lot about kitchen appliances before going into the renovation. We measured the spaces before picking our items to make sure the appliances would fit, but that was pretty much it (which is something you MUST do before getting new appliances to fit your space). What I found was Café appliances ran a little bigger than what we had previously. Width wise, everything would fit, but depth and height were different, so I reached out to Café to see if the items we chose would still work. I was reassured that Café appliances tend to have a more oversized look to them and if I was okay with that, they could still work. I was a little hesitant about the fridge and oven sticking out more than before, but after doing some research on Pinterest (looking at inspo pictures), we went with it. I’ll talk more about the install below, but wow, the appliances completely transformed the space and that’s saying a lot seeing as though it was a newly renovated kitchen (we had to put our old appliances in before the new one’s came because of timing). Not only are Café appliances functional and well made, they’re stunning! We’ve had our appliances in since mid November, so we’ve had over 2 months of testing them out. I’m detailing each appliance and sharing my thoughts below.


The delivery and install process was super easy and seamless. They call ahead to schedule a time come over. If you order directly from cafeappliances.com, they’ll deliver, install, and even haul away existing appliances. We ended up donating our appliances, but Café will either move your appliances to another spot (or garage) or they’ll haul-away for recycling at no extra charge. 


Cafe Energy Smart 4-Door French-Door Refrigerator – The fridge is hands down my favorite piece of the collection. Aside from the beautiful glass finish and modern design, the first thing I noticed about this fridge, the space. This fridge is SO spacious and the use of the LED light that spans the whole back wall really helps to illuminate everything, so all your food is easy to find. The depth alone has been a game changer for us. We can fit so much more food and organize everything so well. The door shelving is also a huge upgrade. We can fit A LOT more of our condiments/drinks, where we used to have to put them on shelves because of spacing issues. The flexibility of the convertible drawer has been so nice. You can soft freeze your food or use it as an extension of your fridge. The freezer has also been a huge upgrade. It’s spacious and I love all the compartments and pull out drawers. I freeze a lot of things on trays and this freezer is super accommodating to that. And lastly, something we just figured out. The water dispenser has an auto fill option. You simply put your cup under the spout, it senses the size and fills your cup up automatically. No holding your cup or pushing a button. This is genius! Can you tell I’m obsessed, lol. 

Cafe 30 “ Dual-Fuel Double Oven Range – I wasn’t sure if I was interested in a double oven, but after talking to my aunt, Nicole, I ended up going with this one. Managing multiple meals and different dishes during dinner time can get crazy and it’s so convenient having 2 ovens to use at the same time. A lot of times I’ll need to use the broiler and bake function, so having the double oven has saved so much time. The 6 burner top was also a huge selling point – another time saving advantage. Not only is this oven beautiful, but it’s super functional and gets the job done. Because you have a double oven, the space for each oven is smaller, but standard sized dishes and baking sheets still work.  

Cafe Smart Over-the-Range Microwave – This was a huge upgrade from our previous microwave – not only functionally, but aesthetically. The modern lines and striking glass finish really blends well with the rest of cabinetry. I absolutely love the way this came together. The microwave is large and spacious, which is something we noticed and loved right away. The touch screen is modern and sleek, but still very functional. You can connect to your wifi for voice control, which adds a very modern element. It’s also super easy to clean, which Mike really loves. 

Cafe Stainless Steel Interior Dishwasher – Oftentimes dishwashers are bulky, but this one is so seamless and beautiful, you don’t even notice it. It also has a ton of cool functions. While this dishwasher feels smaller than our previous, there’s some nice functions that help with the smaller size. There’s a lot of loading flexibility – the lower wash arm provides excellent coverage for the largest loads. The fold down tines accommodate wide or oddly shaped items and the third rack provides extra space for silverware and kitchen utensils. To me dishwashers have always been an eyesore – whether it’s closed or opened. With the stainless steel interior, this one is beautiful even when it’s open. 

Overall, we are SO HAPPY with the Modern Glass Collection from Café. If you’re looking to elevate your kitchen, hands down check out all of Cafés appliances. They have other beautiful collections you must check out as well (love the Matte Black Collection). 

Special thank you to Cafe Appliances for partnering on this post.