Camden’s 2 Month Update + Schedule

I was really good at sharing Harper’s monthly updates and schedule early on and then they faded out towards the end of 1 year. I’m hoping to be a little more consistent with Camden, but we’ll see. I know I’ve really enjoyed looking back on these blog posts, bringing back so many great memories, plus I know many of you enjoy them as well. Motherhood, especially during these early stages, can feel very lonely and a lot of times you’re wondering, “am I doing this right?” These blog posts can really help you get ideas or feel less alone. Alright, here’s to being more consistent with these updates, lol!

New at 2 Months

Time is going by so fast! Our little guy is getting SO big it’s crazy. Harper was super small and still is, so seeing Cam get so big already is a little shocking, lol. I mean I guess I shouldn’t be surprised since I said he was big my entire pregnancy. Our little guy is just the sweetest, my heart just wants to burst. He’s calm, easy going, and absolutely adores his sister. He could stare at her all day. He’s starting to smile and babble a lot more and he can follow us or an object so well now. His smile lights up a room – they’re big and his little dimples come out to play. 

He’s had cradle cap since the beginning and we’re finally getting it under control. At first, I thought it would just go away, so we didn’t do much for it. Harper never had any, so I didn’t really know much about it. We recently started putting coconut oil on his head and brushing it out everyday and it’s helped tremendously. He also started having pretty bad eczema on his face, arms, and shoulders. I’ve been using this ointment on him multiple times a day, but I started seeing great results once I cut out gluten/wheat. I’m plant-based, so I knew it wasn’t dairy, etc. When I was pregnant, I started becoming sensitive to gluten, so I thought it might be attributable to his flare ups. Sure enough, it’s already MUCH better. I will keep you posted on his progress with this. 


After about the first 2-3 weeks we really tried to get Cam on a schedule and sleeping in his crib. As you can expect, trying to get a newborn to nap consistently was a bit challenging, but for the most part he did awesome. Lots of great naps in his crib for sure, but other times we would have to intervene and help him get back to sleep. I noticed he liked our patting or rocking if he would wake up, so I decided to move him into the SNOO for his naps (instead of the crib). That way, instead of us having to help him, the SNOO could do it’s magic. That has been amazing. Once he gives us his sleepy cues, we’ll change his diaper, swaddle him up, and lay him down in the SNOO and turn it on. You can find our schedule down below.

Camden has had a really hard time sleeping for his last cat nap. We’re in the process of tweaking his awake times to help with this. I will keep you posted on how this turns out.


We’re currently exclusively breastfeeding 6 times/day. Cam more recently started sleeping through the night. We haven’t done anything special for this, he sort of did it on his own. Every now and again he’ll wake up around 3 or 4am. He took to breastfeeding right away, just like his sister did. He’s an efficient eater, I think we’ll nurse for about 15 minutes. He also does a very good job in telling me when he’s done, lol. I typically nurse on one side at a time and on occasion will offer him the other side. My boobs are super full, so a lot of times he says he’s done before I’ll switch sides. But, other times he’ll take both. 

Cam is a pretty gassy baby. At the beginning I was not eating certain foods because it seemed like it bothered him, but either it got better or we got used to all his poops, ha. I’m back to eating all my greens (broccoli, cabbage, etc.) and spicy foods and it doesn’t seem to bother him. He also spits up quite a bit. I don’t remember Harper having as much spit up, but it could just be mom brain. This was also something I had to get used to, but again, now we’re so used to it. 

We’ve tried to feed him a bottle every so often while we’re out and unfortunately, he’s not having it. He’s taken a bottle with Mike a few times at home, so I thought it would be fine. Yeah, no. It’s so funny to me, but makes sense, but he acts like it’s the most foreign thing on planet earth – like legit has no idea how to take milk in a bottle. 

An update on my supply – I overproduced at the beginning and we saved quite a bit of milk. I was able to get it in control in about 10 days. My supply regulated pretty fast and well and now I’m exclusively breastfeeding and not pumping at all. I may eventually try to pump for one session, but we’ll see.

Awake Time

Awake/activity time is a lot different with your second child, lol. I spent a lot of time at home with Harper. This time around, whatever goes, really lol. During the week, I really like to keep it consistent at home, but on the weekends we’re on the go and Camden seems to do just fine with that. He doesn’t sleep super well in his car seat, but if the car is in motion, we’re good. Awake time consists of books, flash cards, songs, dancing, Harper entertainment, walks, tummy time, his play gym (he loves the wooden one we have), watching mom do x,y,z. We’ve been doing about 1 hour of activity time, which seems to be perfect for him.


Bedtime has been hit or miss. Camden sleeps really well at night – as mentioned above he’ll sleep until 3 or 4am or through the night and wake up around 7am. But, getting him to bed has been a struggle. He needs a good nap before bed in order to not be overtired at bedtime. If he’s overtired at bedtime, he will not go to sleep without our help. That’s us either holding him for about 40 mins or if we happen to be in the car coming home from dinner, the car puts him to sleep. I’m actually in the process of figuring out if he needs a bit more sleep during the day to help with this. The guy sleeps so well all day, but as the naps get shorter and harder as the day goes on, it really affects how well he goes down at bedtime. 

His bedtime routine is also a lot shorter than Harper’s was. We’ll have him up for a bit, hanging out with Harper, then I’ll change his diaper, put on his pj’s, lube him up (ointments, creams, etc.), nurse him, and then we’ll read a couple of books. I’ll swaddle him and lay him down. That’s it. 

Favorites at 2 Months

Play Gym – I don’t have the exact link to our wood play gym since it’s old, but linked something similar. This has already been a hit with Camden, it’s his favorite!

Green Sprouts Bibs – These are our favorite for feedings. Big, absorbs spit-up well, and aesthetically pleasing.

Green Sprouts Burp Cloths – We just ordered more and it seems like they’re bigger than they were years ago (yay!). Fit on your shoulder well, large, pretty, and handle spit up so well. We love these. 

Zara Pants – These ribbed pants are great! You can go up a size (to get the most wear out of them) and roll the bottoms if they’re too long, without them looking weird. Soft, stretchy, and comfy!

Zara Onesies – I’ve loved these ribbed onesies. They’re more fitted so may need to size up.

H&M Onesies – He also lives in these. Great easy basic that come in neutral colors.

Wallaby Blanket – My favorite! It’s so pretty, soft, and a great size. We use it to cover him up while we’re out or use it to cover the car seat while we’re on the go and he’s sleeping.

SNOO Bassinet – We actually just got rid of our old one and rented a new one. I’ll go further into detail in my SNOO review, but we’ve loved this. Cam is currently doing all his naps and overnight sleep in this.

Wee Gallery Black and White Cards – Camden loves these! We use these a lot during his awake time. I’ll show him the cards in my lap or we’ll put them standing up for his tummy time.

Charlie Crane Rocker – This piece is SO beautiful – more of a rocker versus a bouncer. I’ve used this SO much in the last couple of weeks. Just to put Camden down to get something done or he’ll sit in here when Harper wants to play or read him a book. Highly recommend this or something similar.


6am – Wakes, diaper, changes clothes
6:20 am – Feed
6:40 am – Activity
7am – Nap 1

9am – Feed
9:20 – activity
10am – Nap 2

12pm – Feed
12:20pm – Activity
1pm – Nap 3

3pm – Feed
3:20pm – Activity
4:00pm – Cat Nap 4

5:00pm – Feed
5:20pm – Activity
6:00pm – Cat Nap

7pm – Feed
7:30pm – Bedtime