Catching Up: Memorial Day Giants Game

Hey! So, I’ve been a little MIA… the holiday, busy work schedule, catching up on my reality TV, you know, all the craziness of life ;) Super D dooper sorry! I promise I’ll get my act together and do better with updating you with all the shenanigans I’ve been up to; decorating, eating, shopping, playing…

First up, Memorial Day festivities. I got a group together to  head up our hometown Giants. I’ve been to handful of games, but have yet to make it to the ballpark since I’ve landed on SF soil.  But, not to disappoint, the game was a blast; from the 5 person cab ride in a 4 person car, the beautiful weather, ice cold beers, and my favorite people…. great day!

{I knew someone in the group couldn't pass these up}

I forget how awesome these games are… especially when your best friend is the Giants number 1 fan (the screaming, the chanting, knowing every players stats).