{Gap tee, belt, and trench coat (current version), J Brand jeans, Clare Vivier clutch, Evado sandals}

Sometimes all you need are the classics… You saw this trench in my last post and although I’ve since added a couple more options to my wardrobe, I have a feeling you’ll still be seeing this one a lot this season. It was one of those finds on the sale rack that have been a favorite in my wardrobe since 2010. Any piece that stays in my closet for years and gets a ton of wear has a special place in my heart. It’s like hitting the timeless wardrobe jackpot! And yes, I have relationships with each and every article of clothing/accessory I own. That’s what happens when your love for your wardrobe falls right behind boyfriend, dog, family, and friends, ha!

Do you have any items you’ve worn for years and still love?