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AG ex boyfriend jeans // Rag & Bone destroyed skinny jeans // Gap legging DIY jeans // Rag & Bone legging jeans // J Brand DIY skinny jeans // Rag & Bone woodford skinny jeans // Blank NYC spray on jeans // Current Elliott loved destroyed skinny jeans

For a girl who loves and lives in denim, I’ve tried my share of styles and brands. I used to think I was for sure a J Brand girl and then it was AG and then I just started branching out and trying on everything I liked. After it’s all said and done, I’ve learned no jean fits the same and you don’t have to be loyal to just one brand. As a petite, finding pieces that fit (in just about anything) is my toughest challenge and it’s no different with jeans. There have been countless times when my heart was set on a pair of jeans, I go to try them on, and they simply don’t work (too big, holes hit my shins). I’m not going to lie, it sucks! But, because I’m a true denim girl and I’m relentless, I always find something that works.

For example…

I can rarely fit into any Gap jeans as of late, but almost 3 years ago I bought the black skinny jeans in the photo at the upper right hand corner. They fit like a glove when I bought them and they’ve kept their shape through the years. Once they started fading I cut my own holes and the rest is history. Those are still one of my favorite, most-worn jeans in my closet! I bought the exact same pair in blue and they have since stretched out and have been given away. Again, a prime example of the same jeans that fit completely different.

I found the J Brand jeans in the upper left hand corner on Ebay. The girl had worn them a couple times and created her own small hole in one of the knees. Her measurements ended up being similar to to mine, so I took a chance. I didn’t have to hem the bottoms and the knee rips were perfect… of course I took my own scissors to them for a little more distressing. Sometimes you have to think outside of the box.

I was obsessed with a pair of Rag & Bone distressed skinny jeans from a year or so ago (similar to these). I went to try them on and the rips hit my shins. I was so disappointed. Fast forward to last month when I found the cropped version of these jeans on Ebay. I took a chance on the rips and they fit like perfection (bottom left photo)!

Clearly, I’m a little nuts when it comes to my denim, but hey, a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do!