Denim on Denim (again)

jcrew denim jacketMykle tee // J.Crew denim jacket // Rag & Bone Woodford jeans // Clare Vivier clutch (love this one too) // Jessica Simpson Claudette pumps // Ray-Ban Original aviators (58mm) // Daniel Wellington watch

J.Crew Patina denim jacket

Rag & Bone woodford jeans

Clare Vivier striped flat clutch

Jessica Simpson Claudette pumps white

denim on denim

Myklela teePhotos by Natalie Dressed

Happy Monday! How was your weekend/Easter? I spent most of Saturday wedding planning and then headed to a friends yesterday to celebrate Easter. I’m thankful I was able to tackle some serious wedding stuff (which was piling up), but I’m still feeling completely overwhelmed. I was getting a ton of questions yesterday about the details and the planning process, which obviously, made me even more stressed. This lead to another crazy nightmare last night. I swear, I’m enjoying the process… (okay, maybe not lol). The day keeps creeping up on us and the second I think I’m ahead of the game, I realize there’s that much more to do. No wonder people hire planners to do it all.

We’re headed to the city today to go look at wedding bands. I hope a day away from work and planning will be a stress reliever… sparkly diamonds don’t hurt either (yay)!

S H O P  T H E  L O O K