Essential Footwear for San Francisco

Whether it’s Hunter’s in the rain, a flat with jeans during the day, or a heel dressed up with a blouse in the evening, boots are a necessity here in San Francisco. I never realized how versatile a boot could be or how much you rely on them, until I moved to a city; they are warm, comfortable, provide protection, and quite fashionable. I get that the weather this time of year requires a warm, protective shoe, but this City requires this particular fashion statement because of the amount of walking that is done. I’ve relied on these puppies in a down pour walking uphill to fetch my car, nights full of bar hopping, and days of running errands; I swear  boots are my new best friend and I have been obsessing over them ever since I got here… Tall, over the knee, gray, black, cognac, flat, heel, wedge, suede, rain… I do not discriminate! I’ve been logged on to the Internet 24-7 and have scoured the pages of piperlime, zappos, and amazon.com for great deals (I act like a new pair of boots will magically appear once I reload the page). Some are recent purchases and the others are some I that I’m lusting over… feel free to enjoy the visuals of my mind’s obsession with beautifully crafted footwear.

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