Exploring My City With Sperry

I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am for warm weather and getting outdoors as a family this year. We’re officially over the baby stage and Harper is full on walking, which means we can do so much more. Mike and I have always been very set in our ways when it came to exploring and getting outdoors, but, now that we have Harper we want to do all the fun kid things and just get out and explore. We’re still very new to Oregon, so I’m super pumped for spring and summer to discover all that this outdoorsy state has to offer.

I never realized this until I actually moved to Oregon, but there’s so many areas surrounded by water here. When you think of Portland you think of trees, rain, cold weather, gray days, but you don’t really think of boats. I’ve been far removed for boating life for a while, but I actually grew up taking our family boat out and it all just feels super nostalgic. I’m excited to experience it all over again with Harper and even get her her first pair of boat shoes (how cute are these?). Mike has been rocking his Sperry boat shoes for years (he has these and these) and I’m so excited to have my very own pair now. I’m wearing the new Sailor boat shoe in ivory and they’re the perfect summer shoe. Easy to slip on, and so, so comfortable. This style has broken-in leather, which is a game changer (no need to break them in).

Don’t be surprised if you see the whole family in our Sperry boat shoes this summer. I’m very into this whole matching thing :).


Special thank you to Sperry for partnering on this post.