Fall Wardrobe | Ankle Boots

ankle booties

I’m kicking off my Fall Wardrobe: Shoes series with one of my favorite shoes of the season, the ankle boot. Ankle boots in the fall are like sandals in the summer, they go hand in hand, you can’t have one without the other. Although I have yet to master this style or even own a pair, I love how easy and effortless they make an outfit. I’ve always thought ankle boots were for long legs and those ladies that have been gifted in the height department. With that being said, over the last couple of years I’ve seen ankle boots styled perfectly on us shorts girls and I’m convinced they can work for me too! Now, I just need to find the perfect pair… (I wish these came in my size)

Aside from the fact I love the way they look, ankle boots are also extremely versatile. They pair well with jeans, but can also be styled with a skirt, dress, or shorts. If you’re stuck in that in-between-seasons fashion rut, grab your ankle boots and start mixing them in with your current wardrobe. Just like pairing unexpected pieces together (masculine and feminine or preppy and edgy), you can mix pieces from different seasons for an element of surprise. Think ankle boots and denim shorts or a draped trench with shorts and heeled sandals. Since the weather allows us to do it now, we might as well take advantage of it while it lasts.

Anyone else excited for ankle boots?

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