Farmers Market Essentials + Hair Talk

When we lived in the Bay Area, I was all about the farmer’s market. We would go to the one in Campbell or at the Ferry Building in San Francisco. When you eat vegan and real foods or just love organic food in general (like I do), having a bunch of local vendors with fresh produce in one place is kind of like a kid in a candy store. From the bold colors, to the amazing smells, you can’t help but feel giddy inside.

Banana Republic cardigan (old, similar), CHRLDR tee (old, similar), Madewell jeans (23), Vince sneakers (5), Apolis tote, Asos hat, Ray-Ban aviators

Farmers market carrots

Farmers market asparagus
Crystalin Marie Apolis Portland market tote

Lake Oswego Farmers Market watering asparagus

Apolis Portland market tote
Crystalin Marie at Lake Oswego Farmers Market

Peonies at farmers market

Lake Oswego Farmers Market flower vendor
FM pink peonies

Lake Oswego Farmers Market flower vendor 2

Lake Oswego Farmers Market peonie bunches
madewell white cropped flare jeans


Vince slip on sneakers

S H O P  T H E  P O S T :

I don’t know why it’s taken us this long to go to a farmer’s market in Oregon. What’s even crazier is that my aunt hits up the FM nearly every Saturday. Mind boggling, right?! Anyway, I’m glad we finally made it to the one in downtown Lake Oswego. I thought it was going to be fairly small, but there were a lot of vendors. Fresh produce, baked goods, fruit, and tons of great food stands. There’s a good amount of seating and even a live band playing music. And then there were the most beautiful flowers I have ever seen in-person. I forgot to write down the vendor’s name, but man, he had a large space with flowers of every kind everywhere. I think they were charging $20 for a huge bouquet of your choice. I will definitely be back for the flowers alone. This might be our Saturday morning ritual from now on… I’m hoping we’ll get some better weather, though. Nothing beats a sunny Saturday morning at the farmer’s market, feel me?

In case you’re in need of some farmer’s market essentials, I’m sharing my favorites below (sunscreen, comfy shoes, market tote, reusable bags, hat, water):

Other random thoughts. This was the first time I’ve really taken photos with straight hair. Can you believe it? I haven’t been a fan of my straight hair for years (at least a decade). It has always seemed so plain to me. No body, no texture, just straight. I’m a volume kind of girl, so flat and stick straight, just doesn’t seem appealing to me. But, curling your hair everyday (or every other day), is A LOT of work. It’s high-maintenance to say the least. A couple weeks ago, I decided to embrace my straight hair (I’ve been working on trying to embrace a lot of things about myself lately, something I will get into in a later post). My hair doesn’t define me and doesn’t drastically change the way I look, so accept it and move on. To my hair’s defense – I’m getting my hair done on Thursday, so it looks a little dead and brassy in these photos. I also didn’t brush it that day. But, my question for you, how do you give more life to straight hair? Do I need to use texturizing gel/spray? Should I add more layers to break up all my hair? Any and all tips are welcome.