Favorites Under $50

This weeks edition of Favs Under $50 includes fun colors and bold prints. I may not be one to step out in head-to-toe floral, but I am a fan of adding in a few pieces to my wardrobe this season.  Aside from the blouse I found at Old Navy (seen below), I’m loving this cute  floral clutch and fun heels. I’m also glad to see, the pink and orange pair is still going strong, huge fan.

  1. H&M satin dress
  2. Asos Paris Point Court shoes
  3. H&M cotton blazer
  4. Mango cat eye sunglasses
  5. Old Navy polka-dot top
  6. Topshop metallic bug collar
  7. Havana snake t-bar sandals
  8. Asos colorblock iphone case
  9. Ginger + Liz ‘Heart Breaker’
  10. Ginger + Liz ‘Chase Me’
  11. Asos Pieces Nada clutch
  12. Vibrant ballet pumps