Gifts I Like To Give

Gifts I like to give


I’m not too sure how many more gift guides I will get to this year, so I wanted to make sure I told you about the gifts I love to give. Unless I know exactly what someone wants, I sort of stick to these 10 ideas. Everything has a special meaning and everything is something I own and love or I know the person would appreciate. Sticking to this little roundup also makes shopping for people easy. Read on to see why I love to gift these 10 items.

Cuyana Travel Set

I can’t tell you how much I love my set! I have the black one and got it monogrammed, which I highly recommend even if you’re getting this for yourself. I keep the small pouch in my purse and use the larger one for when I travel. These are amazing quality and come in handy. I can’t recommend this as a gift more. The price is super reasonable, too!

Nike Mariah Flyknit Sneakers

I get Mike a pair of Nike sneakers every Christmas. I know the men in my life tend to not like to spend a lot of money (over $100) on anything for themselves when it comes to clothes and shoes. So, when I ‘splurge’ on a pair of Nikes for him, he loves it, lol. There’s typically always a pair he has his eye on. This can also be a great gift for dads or brothers. Again, they don’t like to spend a ton of money on themselves, so I think they would definitely appreciate the latest pair of sneakers.

Abercrombie Sherpa Lined Cardigan

I got several people in my family this cardigan last year. It was one of my favorite purchases, so I figured everyone else would love it too! If you own something that you absolutely love, I would highly consider giving it as a gift, too!

Leather Catchall

Maybe not something you would think to get the men in your family, but let me tell you, they end up loving it! It’s a nice luxury item they wouldn’t get for themselves, but ends up being super useful. They can put it on their nightstand and use it for their watch, ring, phone, or other accessories they tend to wear. Keeps things nice and tidy and I love that it can be monogrammed (which is always a nice touch).

Ugg Slippers

Another luxury item that people won’t typically buy for themselves. I own several pairs because let’s face it, I don’t mind spending money on things I actually wear, lol. But others, not so much. Warm, soft slippers are always a good idea, especially this time of year. If you’re looking for something in the $100 range, Ugg slippers are a great option!

Cuyana Leather Tote

This is another gift I LOVE to give, pretty much any time of year. It’s such a classic bag that won’t ever go out of style and it holds so much. Your mom or sister can use it as an everyday bag, work tote, travel bag, and even diaper bag. It comes in an assortment of beautiful colors and the craftsmanship and quality is super nice. I promise, the person will not be disappointed!

Nars Cheek Palette

This is a gift I think any girl would appreciate. Cheek palettes aren’t cheap, and good ones are hard to come by. Nars is a great brand, I have a highlight from them that I absolutely love. If you have a girl in your life who doesn’t spend a ton on makeup, I promise, she will love this!

Scarf and Glove Set

Because you can never have too many scarves and gloves, this is a great idea, especially if you’re looking for gifts under $100 or $50. You can purchase something as a set or mix and match your favorites (I love this Free People scarf and these Halogen cashmere gloves). I’m telling you, everyone can appreciate cold weather accessories, especially during the winter. I know I would love getting this set from someone (hint, hint, lol).

Monogrammed Marble Board

I love monogrammed everything, so a customized gift is always a good idea in my book. If you’re gifting a coworker, boss, or in-laws, always look to add that special touch. It’s a nice way to show you really put the effort in, even if you didn’t spend a ton of $$$. I love this marble board. It can be used for all sorts of things and it’s just so pretty.

Beanie, Scarf, Sweater Set

If you’re looking to spend a little more (than a scarf and glove set), a beanie, scarf, and sweater set is a no-fail gift idea. Pair your favorites together and let the person know how much you love each piece and wanted them to enjoy the pieces as well. I tend to go with J.Crew (this sweater, this beanie, and this scarf would be a great set), but you can mix and match your go-to brands.