Guest Post: Sara Bacon from Glitter and Grace

I’m not gonna lie, when Crystalin asked me to do a guest post for her fab blog, I was maybe a little too excited (it’s my first one =). We have become friends via the blog world (isn’t it so fun meeting new friends through blogging?) and we often say how much we have in common and how we would probably be great friends in “real life.” Her love of stripes, sparkly things, heels, nail polish, healthy eating and city living confirms we would definitely be friends.

So I am here to talk about one of those shared passions, a subject near and dear to my heart: Nail Polish. In particular, Glitter Nail Polish. I can sense your excitement through the computer, so let’s get started!

{My collection. Borderline addiction, I know.}

If the first image that came to mind was cheesy, childlike, sparsely painted light pink glitter nails, we have some work to do. Glitter has easily become my favorite thing I put on my nails (done in moderation of course to keep it special and exciting), and when done right can create hours of distracting fun and compliments galore. So here are my tips, tricks, fave colors and brands to get you well on your way to sparkly finger tips:

Brands: Believe it or not, Forever 21’s brand, Love and Beauty, is one of my favorites. I have about 6 shades of glitter from them. Some require more coats than others, but for $2.80/bottle you can’t really go wrong!

Another favorite brand is Deborah Lippmann. One of my besties gave me the ‘Happy Birthday’ glitter and it is just amazing. Can’t say I have more than one of her colors since they run around $18/bottle. I am REALLY wanting the fuchsia “Bad Romance” color though…

Alternatives to Polish: Don’t feel like painting layers of glitter onto your nails? No prob! There are other options. I recently tried Sally Hansen Salon Effects (in ‘Glitz Blitz’ and ‘Kitty, Kitty’) and was super impressed! The gold glitter looked just like I had painted 6 coats of glitter myself, and lasted for 5+ days. Pretty easy to put on and they come in multiple glitter shades (next try will be ‘Frock Star’).

A more pricey (and longer lasting) option would be Cal Gel glitter. I was captivated whenI saw Emily’s golden nails, but was sad when I realized Portland hasn’t quite caught onto this nail trend yet. Luckily for you San Fran girls, I know for a fact they have places there that do them!

Tips: My only real tips for glitter painting is to first use a base coat and then just load on the layers until the glitter completely covers your nails. Sometimes I’ve done it in 3 coats, other times in 7 (true story). I know it sounds tedious, but here are the reasons for it: 1. it looks amazing that way, and 2. the thicker the polish, the easier it is to just peel off when you’re done. I highly recommend going this route instead of using nail polish remover. Unless you like creating unnecessary anger and frustration for yourself. And going through 15 cotton balls at once.

Well there’s your daily dose of glitter! I hope I’ve inspired you to try glitter on your nails at least once if you haven’t already. Thanks for letting me be a visitor Miss Crystalin =)

Thanks Sara for sharing your tips and tricks on glittery nail polish. Be sure to check her out over at Glitter and Grace for more on fashion, beauty, and all things sparkly!