Happy Weekend

{not sure where i found this image}

This week has been a bit nuts… well, at least I feel that way (tired, sore, tired). Seriously, TGIF and TG it’s a no-set-plans kinda weekend. In fact, the bf and I will be house sitting, or what I like to call, going on a stay cation. We aren’t going far, so we’ll have the comfort of popping into the apt. if need be or grabbing lunch at our favorite spots. Can’t wait to be in a kitchen larger than the size of my closet!

Some other things going on in life…

  • the bf got his first subbing gig and started this morning. hope those 2nd graders go easy on him.
  • while on stay cation, i’ll be playing with the pup in this post and diving into as many vegan baking recipes I can get a hold of.
  • it’s always nice seeing my parents and sister… especially when you get the low-down on all things technology from your gadget-obsessed dad and he mentions an iPad may be in my near future =)

wishing you all a wonderful weekend. stay dry, drive safe, and enjoy some r and r .