I have literally been on a search for good quality salads for a long while. I’m a huge fan of tasty, fulfilling, big bowls of mixed greens but for some reason there aren’t many out there. What I’m not a huge fan of is paying a fortune for a salad, especially when I 86 the meat (which is typically why it costs an arm and a leg); and I refuse to order a “salad” a.k.a lettuce, tomatoes, and vinaigrette!

Although I’ve been able to find some amazing dishes, I know my search is not quite over. I can only get a hold of 2 of the 4 below at my convenience, so I’m still on the hunt for quality salads. If you know of any in the San Fran area, please let me know!

Chinese Chop Salad from Pizzicato

If your ever in the Portland area, you must go to Pizzicato. Not only do they have amazing salads, their pizza is fabulous!

Zao Noodle Bar: Vegetable and Tofu rice noodle salad bowl

This salad noodle bowl is absolutely delish! I mean this is so deluxe. The cilantro, peanuts, and all the great veggies. Super fulfilling and light!

Napa Cabbage Salad via The Plant Cafe Organic

This is the most simple, healthy, but yummy salad you’ll ever eat! Love the spicy dressing too!

Homemade creation: romaine, mixed greens, cilantro, onion, cucumber, bell pepper, walnuts, tortilla chips, grilled asparagus, pepperoncinis, carrots, and just a dab of sea salt, pepper, extra virgin olive oil, and balsamic vinegar.

In honor of this post, go have a fabulous salad…

and then shoot it my way ;)