His & Hers : Old Navy Style

Her: Old Navy chambray, Old Navy Rockstar jeans (wash: Rinse), Old Navy saddle bag, Target neckerchief, Soludos espadrilles, Ray-Ban aviators Him: Old Navy striped tee, Old Navy gray hoodie, Old Navy denim jacket, Old Navy joggers, Old Navy sneakers

Old Navy Men's denim jacket     Old Navy Chambray

His and Hers Old Navy style

Old Navy Men's Striped tee shirt     Leather platform soludods

Old Navy Saddle bag

Crystalin Marie for Old Navy     Old Navy faux leather saddle bag

Old Navy Men's joggers

Old Navy Menswear     Old Navy mens blogger

I’ve been wearing Old Navy since I can remember. Although my style has changed and evolved, I always find myself stopping into ON every season to stock up on tees or on-trend pieces. In the most recent years, I’ve also been picking up a few things here and there for Mike. My husband has the hardest time finding anything that fits. He’s tall with long skinny (but athletic) legs, and a bigger chest. I thought he was being difficult when he would complain about his sizing issues, but once I started shopping for him or going together, I realized the struggle is real.  He has a harder time finding clothes that fit than I do. With that being said, one of the very few retailers that work for him is Old Navy. Tees aren’t too short and pants and jeans are tapered and long enough. We recently discovered the Slim Fit jeans and both Mike and I are obsessed! They fit him like skinny jeans without being too tight along the hips and thighs, and the added bonus, they’re under $40!

Speaking of jeans, I wanted to quickly talk about the new Mid-Rise Rockstar Built-In Sculpt jeans for women (wearing this pair above in Rinse). I tried ON’s older low-rise Rockstar skinny jeans and I wasn’t a fan. They were really thin, stiff, and the inseam was way too short. Their new built-in sculpt jeans, however, are the exact opposite. They sit nicely on your hips, are extremely soft, and super flattering. I’m actually shocked at how well these are made. If you’re looking for a new pair of skinny jeans on a budget, I would highly recommend trying these out. For reference, I’m wearing a 0 petite and would recommend going with your normal size.

*Old Navy is currently offering 40% off $75, 30% off 50, and 25% off any amount. There’s a ton of cute new arrivals (my favs below). Happy shopping!

P.s. Let me know if you would like to see more posts like this with affordable retailers and if you find this His and Her series helpful at all.

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