Holiday Dresses

1. Textured crystal collar dress // 2. Paisley lace tunic // 3.  3/4 sleeve lace dress // 4. Cherry twist rib skater dress // 5. Bonded red lace skater dress // 6. Red lace print lampshade dress // 7.  Textured pleated tunic // 8. Bronze sheer yoke dress // 9. H&M sleeveless bubble dress

With the holidays just around the corner I thought it was appropriate to round up some of my favorite seasonal dresses all under $150. To be honest, the holidays are just an excuse to buy a new dress and not have it sit in my closet, oops. But it gets bonus points if it’s something I can wear on multiple occasions and throughout the year (can’t go wrong with black or red, right?). The crystal collar Topshop dress is stunning up close, the jacquard details are simply amazing. And that bold red ribbed skater dress, such a statement!

Anyone else love a good holiday dress?