In-Store vs. Online Shopping

H&M dress (old, similar), Cole Haan OTK boots (sold out, similar), Clare Vivier clutch, H&M scarf (sold out, similar), Ray-Ban silver mirrored aviators, Cluse watch

H&M gray sweater dress     Clare Vivier leopard clutch

Clare Vivier leopard flat clutch

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Cole Haan gray OTK boots     Ray-ban silver mirrored aviators

Over the years I went from being an avid in-store shopper to a predominantly online shopper. I maybe go in a store twice a month now and the online shopping, well, happens way too much to tell you. Once you start shopping online and become familiar with your favorite retailers sizing and shipping/return policy, you become a lot more comfortable with checking out online (a little too comfortable). With the amount of sale emails I receive, it’s hard not to shop from the comfort of your bed. Ya feel me? But on on the other hand, I do love it when I pop into a store and find something that isn’t online yet or a sale you never would have known about. The magic of finding a piece randomly that fits perfectly can’t be beat. But, let’s face it, this rarely happens. Which is why I have a love/hate relationship with shopping in-store. It’s great when you find something, but all the other times, it’s exhausting, too crowded, and not worth it.

The above dress, however, was randomly found at my local H&M. My aunt and I were browsing the mall for sweaters and I stumbled upon said dress and was immediately attracted to the cut outs and short length. This has happened maybe twice in my life. A dress that fits length wise that’s just sitting on a rack. Short girls can attest, this is RARE! This is what I meant when I said finding random pieces in-store that fit perfectly is a magical feeling. Okay, maybe only shopaholics can relate. Regardless, shopping trips like this keep me coming back. Less frequent than years before, but every once in awhile it’s nice to spend the day browsing and trying-on in person.

Is anyone else the same way?

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