Introducing Stone + Alloy

Stone + Alloy kindred necklace

Stone and Alloy customizable jewelry

Stone and Alloy jewelry

Stone and Alloy Kindred Medium Pendant Necklace

Stone + Alloy kindred pendant ring in ocean pearl quartz

Quaintrelle Open Plus Ring

Stone + Alloy Quaintrelle Open Plus Ring 2

Stone and Alloy Kindred Medium ring 2

Stone and Alloy Kindred Medium ring

Crystalin Marie x Stone + Alloy

Kindred Medium Pendant Necklace

Stone + Alloy Quaintrelle Open Plus Ring - Full PaveStone + Alloy Kindred Medium Ring in Ocean Pearl Quartz // Stone + Alloy Quaintrelle Open Plus Ring – Full Pave // Stone + Alloy Kindred Medium Pendant necklace in white quartz

I’m so excited to share the newly launched jewelry brand, Stone + Alloy​. The plus in Stone + Alloy is an iconic symbol of connection. It represents the bonds we share with our loved ones as well as the connection between the stones and alloys in every made-­to­-order piece. Not only is sharing this post perfect timing as we head into the holidays (these make great gifts), but I love the meaning behind the brand. I feel as though it represents the connection between this blog and all of you. Yes, this is my personal blog and I’m the one who writes it everyday, but the process of blogging is collaborative. You inspire me to keep going, you help create better content, and your support has allowed me to turn my passion into my business, which will forever bond us. Just as the plus sign in Stone + Alloy represents connection and the idea that we’re greater than the sum of our parts, this blog represents more than just a collection of my interests, but a true passion project that you have helped me accomplish.

Aside from the meaning behind the brand, one of my favorite elements about Stone + Alloy jewelry is that every piece is customizable. Each piece is a canvas awaiting your story. I chose white quartz for my Kindred Medium Pendant necklace because I typically like to keep my necklaces classic and neutral. I’m usually more playful when it comes to my rings, so I went with ocean pearl quartz for my Kindred Medium ring​. And while I love a statement ring, I also love something more dainty. The Quaintrelle Open Plus Ring is a perfect everyday piece as it brings a little glam to something simple with its pave details. Regardless of what you choose, you’ll end up with a beautiful piece of jewelry that’s not only sustainably and responsibly-sourced, but a physical representation of what is most important to us, a reminder, a memory.

*Side Note – I love awesome products that come with beautiful packaging and Stone + Alloy is just that! Each piece of jewelry comes in it’s own drawstring pouch inside a pull out drawer. And on top of that, I’m all for the simple, yet chic, sans serif font.

Be sure to check out the entire collection here​.

This post was sponsored by Stone + Alloy, however, all opinions expressed here are my own. As always, thank you for supporting all Crystalin Marie partnerships!