iPhone Screen Replacement

So, my iPhone was a complete mess! As you can see by the pictures below, not only did my screen crack, but my film came up, leaving bubbles and a dirty surface. My dad came to the rescue and googled a ‘How to fix your iPhone screen’ and found an interactive video on YouTube. He ordered a new Apple iPhone 3g Glass Screen + Digitizer + Adhesive Lens Cover on amazon.com for less than $15 and followed the video to bring my phone back to life. The first time around, we had a problem with the connection from the digitizing board, causing the touch screen not to respond to my touches. My dad went back in to fix the problem (which was pretty easy) and my phone seriously looks and works like a brand new phone.

iPhone Screen Replacement:

{iPhone Before}
{Inside the iPhone; behind the screen and LCD}
{Taking the tiny screws out in order to take off the screen.}
{iPhone LCD without the screen cover.}
{Goodbye cracked iPhone screen.}
{After: New Screen = New iPhone}

I know a lot of you out there with a cracked iPhone screen could use this DIY video  and the Apple iPhone 3g Glass Screen + Digitizer + Adhesive Lens Cover. I’m telling you, $15-$25 and maybe 2o minutes of your time is soooo worth it :). Thanks dad!

Buy it now: