J.Crew Sophie Open-Front Sweater Blazer 5 Ways

J.Crew sophie open front sweater blazer 5 ways

As mentioned yesterday, I’m blazer obsessed, so why not share 2 posts about blazers back to back, ha. This started out as me just sharing my new blazer on Stories, but I realized I needed to style it a couple of ways to see if a. I liked it and b. If I would get enough wear out of it. Spoiler alert, I love it and I’m keeping it!

Loft dress petite xs, J.Crew Sophie sweater blazer xxxs, Janessa Leone hat, Zara bag (old, similar), Schutz mules 5, Anine Bing sunglasses

j.crew sophie open front sweater blazer

J.Crew Sophie sweater blazer xxxs, Madewell button down xxs (old, similar), Loft pants petite xs, YSL sandals 5, Quay sunglasses, Janessa Leone hat

J.Crew Sophie sweater blazer xxxs, Madewell stripe tee xxxs (sold out, similar), Rag & Bone jeans 24 (cut hems), YSL sandals 5, A.P.C. Dune crossbody bag, Janessa Leone hat

J.Crew Sophie sweater blazer xxxs, J.Crew chambray dress  petite xs (old, similar), Loewe bag in medium, Hermes Oran sandals 35 (similar), Janessa Leone hat, Anine Bing sunglasses

J.Crew Sophie sweater blazer xxxs, A Fine Line tee xs (old, similar), Anthropologie joggers petite xxs, Schutz mules 5, Janessa Leone hat

I was wearing my black and tan open-front sweater blazer a ton, so I thought the ivory would be perfect for summer. When I received it, it looked large. I placed it side by side with the other blazers and the length is nearly identical, but the sleeve length is definitely longer. I ordered the tan and black blazers a while ago and I know the ivory is a new color. I hate when brands don’t make new colors the exact same as older colors. You like the structure and design so much you want more colors just to have the fit be off. Although they’re the same length, the ivory seems extra long on me, which was why I was on the fence. I think it’s the bright color that makes the blazer stand out more and look longer… my eyes are deceiving me, lol. It’s that whole, black makes you look slimmer thing, you know. Anyway, after styling it multiple ways, I’m completely sold. I love finding pieces in my closet that are “missing” if you will. Something that enhances my current wardrobe and I know I will get a lot of wear out of.

You guys have seen my wear my J.Crew Sophie open-front blazers A LOT. Would love to hear if you ended up getting one and how you like it.