Japantown Street Fair

Hello Monday, you’ve arrived so soon! This weekend was a bit bitter sweet- my car is completely dunzo, and I’m NOW truly living the city life- no car and public transpiration (ha, we’ll see how this goes)! Although I no longer have my car, other things are on the horizons and looking up for this gal (stay tuned)…

Along with visiting family and the boy back at home, I spent Sunday at the Street Fair in Japantown; live music, cute street shops, and all the yummy/ not-so-healthy foods… oh, P.S. thank you sun for making an appearance!

{turned out to be a gorgeous day in the city}

{aren’t these just darling?}

{delicious Hawaiian/Portuguese donuts}

{the largest shaved ice ever!}

{strawberry fruitsicle from Twirl and Dip. So flippen amazing!}