Keeping it Light

With such a busy schedule lately; apt searching, moving, Mother’s Day, working like crazy, Family in town, I have yet to get into my normal eating schedule/habits (which includes a lot of  homemade meals). Since I’ve been eating out and on-the-go so much,  I’ve tried to keep things light and fresh, so I don’t feel sluggish or bloated. So, what does a vegan eat if  she can’t pack a lunch,  micro-manage all meals, or google every vegan restaurants in town? I’ve been so lucky and have found some yummy San Francisco eat-outs with vegan  friendly options. Some usual favs and some  new favs…

{Vegetable and tofu curry from Jovino}
{Tostada Salad from Nick’s Crispy Tacos}
{One of several meals I’ve been able to make at home <3}
{Make your own salad from Blue Barn. Honestly best salads ever.}
{The best strawberries from Whole Foods… the best ones are local.}
{Yup, don’t forget a brewski <3}